About ZombiesDrule

“We watch crap, so you don’t have to”

It started as a hobby, something to work on late at night, this came about because I have a little girl who would wake up, which would wake me up.
When I’m awake I’m awake, so it gave me something to do.
Since then it’s got big, and seems to be growing, and we are talking fast like 28 Days Later Zombies…
Our main rule is all the reviews have to be done by ZombiesDrule, we get together, we watch the film, play the game, read the book and then talk it out…
You will find a lot of other zombie sites with many more reviews, but they are written by many people, not a select few. We feel if many people are reviewing, and maybe not even talking to each other how can the reviews be consistent.
On ZombiesDrule you will find reviews written by Zombie Fans, not film, book, games critics.

One more thing about ZombiesDrule is we make no money, which means we do it because we really want to.

Who the Hell are We?

Zombie Steven

Steven and George

Steven “The zombie Guy” with the original “Zombie Guy”, George Romero

You may also hear Zombie Steven referred to as “The Zombie Guy” as he and the rest of the patrons did the other day when strolling into the barbers. Creator of the site, Zombie Steven has been working in the film industry for 16 years and like zombies. He only has a few talents, but luckily for him, and his readers, one of them is convincing people to help him work on this website.
Maintaining the site,  reviewing zombie stuff, making zombie t shirts, working a job and being a Dad keeps him pretty busy and pretty tired.

  • Favourite Zombie Film: Shaun of the Dead
  • Worst Zombie Film: Platoon of the Dead
  • Favourite Zombie Book: The Walking Dead
  • Favourite Zombie Game: Left 4 Dead 2

Feel free to email  Steven:  steven@zombiesdrule.com


Zombie David

Zombie David was asked to do a review of the film Dead Snow as a favour. Apparently he did something wrong because that small request has turned into a weekly obligation. Zombie Steven must have bitten him and turned him into a ZombieDruler (hey that’s the name of the website) because now he returns every week mindlessly watching and reviewing films. When Zombie David is not critiquing the way zombies say “ugh…” he works in the animation industry as an editor.

  • Favourite Zombie Film: Dead Snow
  • Worst Zombie Film: Zombie Nation
  • Favourite Zombie Book: The Zombie Survival Guide
  • Favourite Zombie Game: Infectonator World Dominator

Feel free to email  David:  david@zombiesdrule.com



Zombie Ashley

Zombie Ashley

Being a voracious reader all her life, as well as a mega horror fan, being asked to review zombie books for a kick ass website was pretty much a dream come true for Ashley.  An avid cookie baker with an unhealthy addiction to sneaker buying, this zombie gal also likes long rainy walks on the beach, donuts, and planning her escape route.

In her spare time, Ash works as a Production Manager in the animation industry – which basically entails trying to get teams to stick to deadlines, and making colourful spreadsheets. Amazing.

  • Favorite Zombie Film: Return of the Living Dead and Zombieland
  • Worst Zombie Film: Nothing with zombies in it is bad!
  • Favorite Zombie Book: World War Z
  • Favorite Zombie Game: Who has time for games?!

Feel free to email Ashley:  ash@zombiesdrule.com


Zombie Omar

Omar is the newest member of ZombiesDrule, and at 19 years of age he is the youngest. Born in Phoenix, Az
Omar was bitten by the Zombie Bug 15 years ago (4 years old??). One Sunday afternoon in Phoenix, Az he was sitting on the couch flicking through the TV channels when he came across an airing on TV of George A. Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead.
He still lives in Arizona and is currently going to go to college for CGI animation.
An average, friendly, horror movie fan and gamer, you know the kind, the ones who are completely obsessed with everything horror. Omar’s forte is the living dead, if there’s Zombies in it then he is watching, reading or playing it…
He has seen everything zombie from the original Night Of The Living Dead to the Spanish film REC, and has read everything from World War Z to The Walking Dead (best zombie comic every). An avid gamer , playing everything from Zombies Ate My Neighbors to Left 4 Dead.
Omar truly has been Zombiefied…

  • Favourite Zombie Film: Fido
  • Worst Zombie Film: Night Of The Living Dead 3D
  • Favourite Zombie Book: Day By Day Armageddon
  • Favourite Zombie Game: Left 4 Dead

Feel free to email  Omar:  omar@zombiesdrule.com

Zombie Omar

If you like ZombiesDrule and would like to be involved, why not….