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It’s a simple nice looking scroll game.


The single player version is not as much fun as Co-Op

Posted January 18, 2013 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

It’s a simple nice looking scroll game. Use your left thumb to move the character and your right thumb to shoot. Killing the zombies is the only mission that you have to do. Kill them before they kill you. By the way, these zombies have guns! They don’t bite, they shoot. Everytime you level up, it will become harder too. There will be more zombie hordes to exterminate. To help you with the horde, you have two options: a bomb and a bubble. You will be protected by the bubble while killing them or you can use the bomb and kill all the zombies around you.

This game is definitely created for “Co-Op” mode. I tried the single player and I just didn’t find it fun at all. However, when you play with your friends, via Game Center, “Yes!” it becomes a game that you will enjoy. You can talk to your friends directly from your device. Graphics wise it’s pretty cool. The checker notebook background is absolutely a doodle!!!

The Zombie Guy

The Zombie Guy
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