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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Goofball Game posted “Drop Dead” in February 2011 for iPhone.Drop Dead Zombie

A bejeweled game with zombie theme which is available for free on the app store.
I think it was a clever idea. I’m a bejeweled fan myself.

By matching at least 3 organs you will help the main character from being caught by a zombie who is desperate wanting to chomp on his brain. The graphics might not be the best, but it’s still pretty decent and the most important thing is – it’s a fun game.
What will happen when you can match more than 3 organs?? With 4 organs, you will create an explosive that will destroys everything around it. With 5, you will create a powerful grenade that when swapped with adjacent object, will remove all other blocks of that same type. This will make the main character run faster than the zombie.
The organs consist of kidneys, hearts, brains, eyeballs, bones and stomachs.

It has a cool intro music, a spooky one. Plus the sound effects of the zombie is awesome. There is no gory or vicious aspects at all.  Zombiesdrule is giving this game 3 stars out of 5. Great concept, but definitely needs more improvements such as enhanced graphics, better character designs or perhaps add extra zombies.

Here are the 3 game modes you can play:

Story Mode – Go through 20 levels with a faster zombie on each level.
Endless Hoards –  An endless mode. Just survive! Good luck.Impending
Doom – There Story Mode – Go through 20 levels with a faster zombie on each level.

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