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Intense action. Decent graphics for a simple shooter.


No foot pedal!

Posted November 8, 2012 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can also install the demo first.

Have you ever played House of the Dead arcade game? I have and I really enjoyed it. Have you ever played Time Crisis arcade game, you know the one with the foot pedal? I have and it’s one of my favourite games.

Zombie Crisis 3D is the combination of both without the foot pedal. All you have to do is point and shoot. Tap the head of a zombie to get a head shot. Tap the body of a zombie to get a bonus point. You have zero control over the movement of your hero. The downside of this is that when you haven’t finished with what you’re doing and your hero moves to another section of the room.
You can aim and shoot wooden boxes, then shoot the items to collect. They could be bullets, a new weapon, or health.

It can be very intense. Beware… some zombies are fast; some are slow. You have to be quick before they attack you. After some levels, you will have to kill the big boss to continue to the next one. In my opinion, some of the levels are too short. Fortunately, you can choose 3 different options between easy, hard or nightmare.
Graphics are very good for a simple shooting game. Though, it can get really dark at some levels.

You have 4 weapons to choose from and are able to easily switch between them. To reload, you can either tap the bullet button or shake your device. You can even pause it by tapping the pause button. Everything is very easy to control.

Here are the features of this game: 21 maps, hundreds of zombies and 4 big mutant bosses. 4 weapons to discover and pick from including pistol, shotgun, machine gun and a dagger.