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Apply to be a zombie at London’s Pineapple Studios 28th June 2012

Apply to be a zombie at London's Pineapple Studios

Bringing this to the attention of all want to be Zombies in the UK….

Listless? Confused? Slow? Moany? Exude the faint aroma of rotting flesh? Shuffling through life with your eyes half-closed and mouth agape? Perfect!

We are looking for the groaniest of you. The scabbiest of you. The scariest of you.

We need zombies – and we need them fast! (Or slow and cumbersome – you know what we mean.)

Due to overwhelming demand, we are seeking the best candidates in the UK to represent the living dead. You’ll be the decomposing star of the show at our fabulous Zombie Manor House experience in Warrington, near Manchester.

We’re sure you’ve heard of the Zombie Shopping Mall . Now you have the chance to be one of the zombies at the 65-acre Zombie Manor House! But do you have what it takes?

You might think that any old Made in Chelsea fan can just slope in, stick on some slap, and murmur brains while eating a bag of Skips. Nuh-uh girlfriend. Being a zombie takes poise, skill and punctuality. It takes a very special type to scare the bejesus out of a group of accountants on a team-bonding away-day.

We want to pay you real cash money. Plus the hours are flexible (evenings and weekend required) and it’ll be fun, fun, fun.And if you’re one of those thespy, actory types (our condolences to your family) there’s a distinct performance element to the job. Plus think how it will look on your CV! No future employer in the country will be able to deny you a role when they see you were previously employed as a zombie.

Stuck in a dead end job? It’s time to move to an undead end job (ZING!). Apply now if you have what it takes to be a member of the living dead.

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