“14” by Peter Clines

14 by Peter Clines
14 by Peter Clines
14 by Peter Clines


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No Zombies

Posted July 22, 2012 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

I’ll keep this short and sweet for two reasons:

This review is loooong overdue; and
There’s no reason to mince words here. This book was good, really good…even without zombies. Fans of this author’s previous works shouldn’t be deterred though – this book is packed with enough creepy stuff to satisfy all fans…in a good way.

The story takes place in L.A. and centres around the residents of the Kavach Building. Nate, the new guy (and the main guy), has just moved in and has noticed things are amiss: padlocked doors; mutant cockroaches; strange light fixtures… He meets one of his neighbours, Veek, and he asks her about the place: why does it feel so…weird here? After giving him the once over, she decides she can trust him: she’s been living in the building for 2 years and has also noticed things, weirdthings, things that are not quite right about the place. She’s done some historical background checks and stuff but it didn’t net much. What if they join forces and snoop around, like Scooby Doo but real life? ‘Shaggy’ & ‘Velma’ agree to meet the following weekend and see what they can turn up. While they search for clues, a few other neighbours are drawn into the riddle and the ‘Mystery Gang’ more or less officially forms. But don’t let the Scooby Doo reference fool you; this isn’t some silly kids show – a sinister puzzle unfolds and we get pulled deeper into the enigma along with the characters.

This book sets an ominous tone right from the start, and the secrets that ‘The Gang’ uncover are detailed out in such a way that the Kavach Building becomes a character in it’s own right. The (human) characters are well developed, the dialogue decent, and Nate is relatable enough (no money, no girlfriend, dead-end job…). The pacing is amazing and overall, this was just a really enjoyable read. Except to eat and go to work, I didn’t put this book down.

I know this isn’t the most detailed of reviews (have I convinced anyone?), but trust me, the less said the better. This book is rife with details – clues; secrets; mysteries – that for me to say too much would ruin it. This is a good book, a great book, and a big recommend for lovers of H.P. Lovecraft and Scooby Doo alike.

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