Dead West – Written by Rick spears, Illustrated by Rob G.

Dead West
Dead West
Dead West


Pages: 144
Format: Graphic Novel
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Great action sequences.

Posted August 11, 2010 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Another great zombie comic/graphic novel this is definitely a must read.

Dead West is written by the critically acclaimed team author Rick Spears & Illustrator Rob G. known for their award winning graphic novel Teenagers From Mars. Dead West is about a horribly murdered Indian tribe where a survivor of the tribe seeks out revenge against the white man by bringing forth a curse which awakens the dead. An unnamed bounty hunter strongly resembling Clint Eastwood arrives to the town while in pursuit of a criminal & abruptly is confronted by the living dead, he & other survivors fight off the zombies.

The story was just something that we’ve all been thinking Dawn of the Dead mixed in with The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly. The reading was straight forward action, action, action. I really admired the artwork very gory something we zombies fans love to see its black & white & very dark in the sense of horror, the main character whose name is unknown is just a bad ass . He cares for no one other than himself but that doesn‘t mean he won‘t save the occasional damsel in distress if you know what I mean…

Oh! Something out of the ordinary a historical figure makes a cameo. Here’s a hint he lead hundreds of men to their death, you don’t have to be a history buff to know this. Even though there’s a lot of killing there’s a reason behind it. Its not just senseless blood shed.
This has to be one of my top favorite zombie comics up there with The Walking Dead. Zombies fans you’ve got to read this. I know there’s a lot of awful zombies comics but be assure this is not one of them take my word for it. Dead West is the definition of a great zombie graphic novel.

I think I’m in love.