The Undead Haze (The Undead Situation Book 2)

The Undead Haze
The Undead Haze
The Undead Haze


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With The Undead Haze Eloise J. Knapps has hit the mark again.


We are left with a few unanswered questions.

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My week off work started with a very nice surprise. It was an email from Perm Press containing a review copy of Eloise J. Knapps new book, The Undead Haze. I’m not a super fast reader but I plowed my way through this book unable to put it down. Stopping only to pay my daughter attention when the screams of “Daddy” got too loud.

The Undead Haze is Eloise J. Knapps second book and a sequel to The Undead Situation. You could probably read it without reading the first book but you may have a few questions about some of the characters. Also The Undead Situation is a really good book so you should read it if you haven’t. Our review is here.

Spoilers Ahead…

At the end of The Undead Situation Cyrus made it to his safehouse and could of spent the rest of his days there relatively free from the undead. There was one thing he didn’t count on and that was meeting someone along the way and developing feelings for them. Too much time alone his feelings and guilt grow and he heads back out into the zombie infested world to find Blaze, only to discover that there are much worse things out there now compared to the undead.

Cyrus’ biggest threats in this new chapter of his life are groups of survivors that have gone crazy and have taken to cannibalism. Sickness, it’s tough out there in the new world with rotting corpses everywhere and no med’s to help heal you. Himself overcoming all of these hurdles, including the aforementioned guilt about leaving Blaze behind, and meeting new people to help Cyrus develop as a character in a very believable way.

This is a very action packed zombie story and reads well. By the end I found myself relating to Cyrus more than ever but…. That’s right I have a but!

We are left with a few unanswered questions. One of which is Gabe, a character from the first book makes an unexplained appearance. With no hint of a third book it’s driving me a little insane. I will be interviewing Eloise shortly to try to get some answers….

With The Undead Haze Eloise J. Knapps has hit the mark again, and just like The Undead Situation I highly recommend this book as an excellent and entertaining read to all zombie and horror fans.

The Undead Situation gets 4.5 of the 5 

You can get it as an ebook on amazon here….

The Undead Haze (The Undead Situation Book 2)

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