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Fresh scenarios, lots of gore, guts & terror

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The Undead Situation is the first novel by young and up and coming author Eloise J. Knapp. This novel was first self published on Kindle and caught the eye of Permuted Press, it was due to be republished December 2010 but has been delayed while they record an audio book. When ready Permuted Press and will launch the book together.

The Undead Situation is a zombie genre, apocalyptic tale set in Washington State. It follows a diverse group of damaged survivors whose journey through the zombocalypse proves to take them to their physical and emotional extremes. Each character has their own set of mental “baggage” that shapes their views and reactions to the apocalypse.

Part of what makes this zombie story unique from the rest is the distorted perspective of the narrator. This story unfolds through the eyes of self-proclaimed sociopath Cyrus V. Sinclair. He cares not for other humans or the joys of regular life. When the undead rise and the chaos begins, Cyrus is perfectly content to bunker down in his apartment, feed his sugar addiction and watch the madness unfold outside his safe house. He feels no urge to help his fellow human beings and only maintains connections with an older, father-figure-type friend named Frank and his albino ferret he calls Pickle. He contemplates leaving his apartment multiple times but never makes a move to leave until a young, unpredictable girl named Gabe comes screeching into his life. Gabe is a peculiar teenage girl who does not honestly reveal herself or her past to Cyrus but for reasons unclear to him, he keeps her around. Once it’s decided that they will venture out of Cyrus’s apartment to search for Frank, the real story begins.

The Undead SituationWhat comes to pass is a roller coaster ride through terrifying and sometimes disastrous events that force Cyrus into an uncharted spiral of introspection. As new members join the group he starts to feel previously unknown emotions. His sociopathic tendencies creep in and out as he internally battles his old, comfortable ability to ignore all that is happening around him with new protective and caring instincts he feels towards his crew.

Knapp has managed to introduce some fresh new scenarios into her zombie tale with some unexpected turns. She makes you wonder if the Z’s really are the bad guys, or are they just trying to survive? Cyrus is not your usual zombie story hero, or bad guy, or victim, he is in a class of his own, I’m just not sure what class it is. Lets just say if Cyrus V. Sinclair wrote a Zombie Survival Guide, and you followed it word for word you wouldn’t just survive, you’d thrive and enjoy it. But you wouldn’t recognize yourself anymore. I’m not sure if that’s a price this reviewer would be willing to pay.

The Undead SituationThis novel entertains some interesting questions; will the only survivors of the theoretical zombocalypse be those that continually put themselves first? Will it be the selfish, unwashed people that follow the kill-or-be-killed law that survive? Is it still considered survival if you cannot maintain the core of what makes us human? Would you want to live if all that makes life wonderful vanishes? The “what-ifs” are endless.

Although this zombie novel poses some thought provoking ideas, it’s still full of gore, guts and terror. The average zombie fan will LOVE this book and will be thoroughly entertained. It has everything you’re expecting plus some interesting surprises. The violent encounters with zombies will quench the thirst of any action junkie and the accuracy of the weaponry will impress experts and gamers alike. I highly recommend this book as an excellent and entertaining read to all zombie and horror fans.

Knapp is currently writing a sequel to The Undead Situation and I’m looking forward to what I’m sure will be a thrilling read. There are definitely a few unanswered questions still floating around in my mind.

The Undead Situation gets 5 of the 5…

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