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Great Art, great writing

Posted December 2, 2012 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Some reviews just write themselves, normally the very bad ones are the easiest. Followed by the very good ones, so this should be a breeze.
On the last day of The ZomBcon in Seattle I was doing on final sweep of the floor when I noticed a booth that I had somehow missed before. The table was covered with real cool art work, mostly of a half naked, sexy zombie lady. When a say zombie lady I mean Zombie Tramp, a hooker back from the dead.

I took the Zombie Tramp home with me and settle down with her for  some one on one time….

What a surprise, not only was Zombie Tramp nicely drawn, it was well written.
In short, without hopefully giving too much away.
Zombie Tramp is about hollywoods most sexy, and beautiful call girl. She is put in a situation which involves her become lunch for a captive zombie. This ends badly for all involved and she takes revenge in to her own dead, decaying hands.

I really enjoyed this, it’s doesn’t take itself seriously and rounds itself up nicely, but leaves just enough loose ends to want you to read the next one.
One final surprise for me was that the story, art work, well everything was done by one man.. Dan Mendoza.

Good job Dan.

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