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CDC Advises on the Zombie Apocalypse

CDC Advises on the Zombie Apocalypse


Yes you have read the title right, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Has released a protocol in what to do in a Zombie Apocalypse titled Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse.

Here some quotes from the site:

There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for. Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency.

The rise of zombies in pop culture has given credence to the idea that a zombie apocalypse could happen. In such a scenario zombies would take over entire countries, roaming city streets eating anything living that got in their way. The proliferation of this idea has led many people to wonder “How do I prepare for a zombie apocalypse?”
At first I thought maybe they know something we don’t, maybe they have a zombie held up somewhere. Then after some close reading I realized they  just using zombies to bring preparation for normal boring disasters to our attention.
You know like  hurricanes or pandemics.  

Still it’s worth a read, and of couse the points are valid. It’s good to be prepared. There is even a competition for you budding film makers out there.

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