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Death Virus 2011 – Trailer

Death Virus 2011 - Trailer

We are always looking around on YouTube, Vimeo and the like for Zombie Short Films and Trailers so we can bring them to you. This one caught our eye, obviously low budget and independent it looks like a very familiar story, Return of the Living Dead maybe?  We are not sure if it’s a short film or feature but we will try to find out more.
We checked out the website, http://www.wix.com/deathvirus1/death-virus and this is what google translater told us.

My New Zombie Movie Trailer Death Virus The New Remaking ,shooting Right Now in Quebradillas Puerto Rico…Please Enjoy The New trailer or check our Website!

Virus Death is a film about a deadly virus escapes into Q Quebradillas Toxico a single bolt and wing empiesa A Killing People to undeath known as zombies ..
Many have fallen and thousands of people are infected with the deadly virus.

The trailer seems to of been taken down.

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