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Desert Zombie – Last Stand Now in the app store

Desert Zombie - Last Stand Now in the app store


We told you about Desert Zombie Last Stand back in August and now it is here along with a cool rock video.
What do I think? Well I haven’t played it yet, the reviews are not looking kind which surprises me because I  think it looks good. Maybe  someone over at Eighth Wonder Studios will send me a promo copy to review 😉

Desert Zombie: Last Stand has been released and is available NOW on the Apple App Store! On Sale for $USD5.99, DZLS boasts two endless survival maps, a horde of zombies to slaughter and an arsenal of military-grade weaponry to slaughter them with!

The first update for DZLS has been completed and is on it’s way to the app store, due this Friday the 9th of December. It includes:

Improved performance and frame rate across all devices
Two all-new maps, Canyon and Nightmare
Enhanced graphics effects and dynamic shadows on A5 shadows
Improved enemy AI and physics simulation
Option for fire buttonGeneral gameplay bug fixes

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