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Desert Zombie: Last Stand

Official gameplay footage of Desert Zombie: Last Stand

Here is a very interesting looking app, or should a say game? for the iphone, ipad etc.
It’s not out yet, but they have started leaking videos and images.
There is a trailer below, for more videos and game info check out the Desert Zombie: Last Stand  page HERE>>

From desertzombie.com
OverviewYour squad of Black Hawks are delivering a devastating blow to the zombie village. The ghastly creatures riddle your chopper with machine gun fire which sends your chopper crashing into the war-zone’s desert sands. High on the hill a monstrosity on an anti air turret is bringing down your squad of Black Hawks – one buddy at a time. You must take it out at all costs. To do that, you must survive. Traverse the deadly zombie village, take possession of the machine gun turrets and repel wave after wave of the attacking horde as you unlock more arsenal with the ever increasing, gruesome head count. You must save your buddies in the choppers, you must blow these monsters to hell, you must survive long enough to take out that anti air turret.

Your mission is as clear as your demise is certain, but not before the sweetest revenge. Your Last Stand, if you win it; will reward you with the deadliest insertion to your bulking arsenal. A 10 KILOTON S-2 WARHEAD which you will hack to self-destruct.

As you deliberate your timing of detonation… As you lure as much of the ferocious horde towards you and their own fiery fate as you dare… As you pull the S-2’s switch, you may stop and you may think: kicking un-dead ass has never been so sweet.

Zombie Classes

  • Creeper: Standard underling zombie. The Creeper is gangly, wiry and decrepit, and arrives in vast numbers. He is neither intelligent nor strong, driven only by his hunger for human flesh.
  • Brute: Heavy brawler zombie. The Brute is a hulking powerhouse intent on bashing, brawling and bruising his way to victory. Devastating melee attacks make him a force to be reckoned with.
  • Hyper: Lean, mean war-fighting machine! The Hyper Zombie is a vicious, animalistic creature that uses super-human strength and cunning in its quest to destroy human life. The Hyper can often be seen picking up the weapons of dead soldiers and using them for its own evil means.
  • Juggernaut: Minigun-wielding behemoth!

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