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ZombiesDrule Thinks

28 Geeks Later won the first place at the second annual zombie short film competition “Dead on Film”, hosted by the Rio Theatre in Vancouver, BC.

The winner was decided by an audience vote and in my opinion they got it 100% right.
This Zomedy (Zombie Comedy) was very well written , acted an directed. With a cast of three and one setting they kept it simple and poked fun at the silliness of zombies and zombie films while some how still paying their respects to the genera.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, hit play and take a look yourself.


Interview with Jenean Skappak

Your role was?
Jenean – I played the Zombie assassin. I also am a professional makeup artist and made up our infected humans (zombies)

How did this film come about?
Jenean – I get to be part of the film experience with my buddy Kial and so he asked mw to be part of it an I jumped at the chance and this is where I met the other very talented people in our group, JJ Webb and Tyler Nicol.

What were some of the difficulties faced in shooting the movie?
Jenean – 16 hour shoot ….which is actually a short film day. But I would say the Raccoon that tried to get into our crafty.

How was it funded?
Jenean – Largely through the generosity of the cast and crew with their time, food, supplies, and energy … and previous prize money/rental credits from other contest we’d entered.
How did you find the location? Cast?
Jenean – SFU Burnaby is ALWAYS a good place to shoot!
Cast always a pleasure to be around these two incredibly funny guys! And Honestly the rest of the people were very involved and lovely to meet and work with!

People seem to think it’s easy to make a zombie movie, what advice can you give them?

What is your most memorable moment of the production?
Jenean – I was left alone for 5 hours with Jj & Tyler, since I had to make them look their part. PS. It didnt take me 5 hours to do a zombie makeup but they rehearsed their lines in every accent imaginable!!!! I was entertained all day! It was so awesome!
What is your favorite part of the movie?
Jenean- I loved that my character kills Zombies for fun and the she really doesnt sweat the fact that they are always trying to hunt her down. May be next time I can be the comedy.

How do you feel about the final film? Is it how you imagined it would be?
Jenean – I love the way it turned out! It surpased my expectations and I would have loved it to be a longer feature which I believe what 99% of our feed back was from the WEB.

What is next for you? What will your next movie be?
Jenean – I am just going to keep working with my friends making insain projects! We are going to be entering the Blood Shots 2011 film contest in October and so there are many projects coming from now until then.

We update all the time on our page www.megasteakman.com so there is always a new madness in the works.

Silly ones….

How long do you think it’d take you to turn?
Jenean- This is my philosophy. I believe that it depends on the person who bit you, how infected they are. Then it can go from there….if you are one of those zombies that move fast like lightning you must be well fed thus turned to Zoombie quickly. If one is slow and really going to get picked off fast this zombie didnt eat get to eat his share of BRAINS!

Which do you prefer Fast or Slow Zombies?
Jenean – I like a mix too.

What is your weapon of choice for taking on Zombies?
Jenean- Crowbar-gun definalty! Or something that shoots fire!

What is your favorite Zombie Film?
Jenean- I would have to say 28 weeks later.

Worst Zombie Film?
Jenean- There is no worst … cause most Zombie films are concidered bad for the reason that zombies are kinda cheezy madness!

Final Say? Anything else you would like to add?
Jenean- Thanks to everyone for watching & voting for us! We will keep it coming!