28 Weeks Later

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very gruesome and scary


plot starts out great but soon disolves a little into nonsense

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

28 Weeks LaterOften when sequel comes out that fails to meet up to the expectations of fans that loved it’s predecessor they will proceed to bash it to hell and not hold back letting people know how bad they thought it was. This will inevitably give someone who hasn’t watched the film very low expectations of what to expect. Usually that results in a “Well it wasn’t THAT bad” kind of feeling after watching the film. “28 Weeks Later” is one of those few films that after lowering and lowering my expectations for it, it still managed to slide in under the bar.

“28 Weeks Later” follows Don, a survivor of the “rage” outbreak that swept England, and his family 28 weeks after the virus originally spread. The military is in the process of rebuilding and evacuees are being shipped in the thousands back to London. Don meets up with his kids, Tammy and Andy, whom he has to inform of the event that lead to their mother’s death, omitting the part were he left her crying for help. Everything seems to be getting back on track and there has been no case of an infected human for months. That is until Don’s wife, Alice, returns seemingly from the dead and just so happens to test positive for the infection.

Much like “28 Days Later” the film starts out great. Scary, creepy, wondering what’s going to happen. The main character makes a bold and surprising choice to leave his wife for dead. Just like the first film I was into it. Unlike the first film this only last 10 minutes. Then we show up to the military base, and much like the first film everything gets unbelievable. After setting up the story line of a father having to struggle with the fact that he abandoned his wife to save his own skin they toss it out the window as soon as his wife shows up. She apparently forgives him and then he gets the “rage” effectively dying. I wanted to know more, did he do it for his kids? Was he just a coward? In an instant the most interesting character, and actor, was killed off and the focus was suddenly shifted to his kids. Now it was already weird that Don was able to go all the way to see his infected wife in the depths of this military base without any guards acting as security, but when he does become infected there are all of sudden some guards right around the corner who conveniently have their backs turned. And then to top this all off the military herds all the survivors into a single location that resembles an underground parkade that has an unmanned unlocked double door that somehow the infected manage to get through. This is where the term like shooting fish in a barrel comes from. The only way they could of made it easier on the infected is if they propped the door open with a dismembered limb and hung a sign that said Fresh Meat!

Even though I was unsuccessful in getting into the film it did have a couple of redeeming qualities. It was extremely gruesome, so if you like gore you might like that aspect. A few scenes were scary as hell. Particularly the scene in the subway with the night vision scope. Perhaps the best use of night vision to gain a creepy atmosphere. Although minus points for having no reason to go into the creepy subway whatsoever, except for the fact that you’re hoping you die so you won’t have to be in the sequel.

Best Line – Flynn: Get the f#ck out of here, man. I’m having all good dreams.
Doyle: Yeah?
Flynn: Sunday afternoon, clear blue skies. I’m laying in bed with my wife and… now I’m back in this shithole.
Doyle: I know, man. I had that same dream about your wife.

Best Weapon – Helicopter