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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Army of DarknessI could already tell I was in for something special when after opening my Christmas present from my older brother he told me solemnly “This is the man’s bible. Study up.” I was about 15 at the time and was holding my first copy of “Army of Darkness”. I now own it on 3 different formats, and can quote it from start to finish. Study up I did. In Ash I trust.

The cult following behind “Army of Darkness” is massive and is the key contributor to anyone ever knowing who Bruce Campbell is. I saw proof of this when I went to Campbell’s book signing and witnessed people bringing Bruce chainsaws and shotguns to sign. By the way Bruce’s book is called “If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a “B” Movie Actor” and it’s a must read for any Campbell fanatic, and I’d also highly recommend it to anyone interested in film making. It covers a lot of how Sam Raimi and him started out by making “Evil Dead”.

Our hero, Ash, starts off trapped hundreds of years in the past and is captive being lead along a chain of prisoners. Somehow he must escape his capturers, reclaim his trusty chainsaw and shotgun, stop the deadites from invading, rescue the fair maiden, and return to his own time. All while delivering the smoothest one liners in the history of film.

I will admit that the ratio of guys vs girls who thoroughly enjoy this film seems to be tipped towards a certain side. So I have to take that into consideration before I recommend it to everybody. I think most girls will probably be able to tell whether they’re going to like this film or not just based on whether you’re checking out this site or not. I do recommend any guy who hasn’t seen this film to do themselves a favour, drop whatever it is they are doing and go rent, buy, or borrow this movie immediately.
This movie is best served with your mates and a side of pizza and beer. Enjoy!

Best Line: “Give me some sugar Baby”

Best Weapon: Chainsaw