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No zombies, awful script, acting, and effects.

Posted March 2, 2011 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Army of the DeadLet me tell you something friend. Voodoo skeletons that slash you with swords, shoot flaming arrows at you, and never ever bite anyone are NOT zombies. I felt like I was watching Jason and the Argonauts or something. Well now that we got that out of the way we can continue with the review.

“Army of the Dead” is about a group of friends who go desert racing (or something like that I wasn’t really paying attention) for John’s birthday. However a professor friend of theirs has an ulterior motive, going in search of a cursed treasure while the others make camp. As you can imagine all hell breaks loose and animated skeletons start slaughtering everyone. The group’s only chance of survival is to stand their ground and fight the army of the dead.

So many things were wrong with this film.
Not a zombie movie.
Terrible acting and script.
The main actress was attractive and she had a tiny mole on her face. So what you maybe asking, well I became obsessed with that little mole because it was more interesting than this film.
(yes there’s more) The effects very poor and jarring.
Half the film was generic shots of them driving there desert buggies. Which made me think they made this film just so they spend a week racing around in these off road vehicles.

In short this film is a must avoid. Do your self a favor and skip this on to the next zombie film on your list.

Best Weapon – Electricity

First Appears: 16 mins 2 secs

First Bite: N/A

First Kill: 53 min 33 sec

Number Bitten: 0

Number Killed: 143