Attack of the Vegan Zombies

Attack of the Vegan Zombies
Attack of the Vegan Zombies
Attack of the Vegan Zombies


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Unique and original, does a good job with a limited budget


A little slow

Posted August 23, 2010 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Attack of the Vegan ZombiesI’m going to be perfectly honest in this review. (suggesting I’m not always honest in my reviews.) I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot when I pushed play on “Attack of the Vegan Zombies”. I want my zombies blood thirsty not wine thirsty. Although while enjoying the wine I was drinking while watching this, it was kind of scary to think of a creature exhausting barrel after barrel of wine. But the film surprised me and sort of hit the mid range mark for zombie films, which is a big achievement when you consider this is a small, independent budget film.

“Attack of the Vegan Zombies” is about a couple who have been having year after year of poor grape production on their vineyard. After reaching the end of their rope Dionne asks her mom to help her cast a spell on the land to produce a bumper crop for the next harvest. Dionne’s mom happens to be a witch, a fact which she has kept hidden from her husband Joe. The grapes grow like wildfire and all is going well for Joe and Dionne until strange things start happening on their vineyard.

Starting with what went wrong. There were probably only two, maybe three, actors in this film that really made me believe their character, it was a shame that one of them only had 2 lines. Unfortunately the majority of ensemble gave lacklustre performances that resulted in lack of caring about the characters. The pace of the film was slow and could of done with some trimming to keep the action flowing. The title of the film seems forced since all the zombies are really after is the wine that helped create them, they never so much as look at a vegetable. The two comedic relief characters I didn’t find funny. A pair of over the top nerds that just felt cliché. And although witchcraft is a refreshing take from the experimental lab drug for how the zombies come to be, it didn’t really fit right and wasn’t a great explanation. This probably also comes back to having believable characters.

Now things that saved the film. The story was unique and original. Kudos for coming up with something other than the lab experiment. And another kudos for not having any “Snakes on a Plane” references which we have heard in the last 3 budget zombie films we have seen. I was impressed by the way the film looked, being able to shoot in a vineyard there are going to be a lot of opportunities for some great imagery and it was utilized very well. I particularly liked the opening shots showing the drought. The was a yellowish tinge to the shots that made me thirsty it looked so dry, this helped convey the emotional tone coming from the characters. The ending was ok, I know that may not sound like a pro, but trust me endings are tough, especially zombie endings (see “28 Days Later”). And if you can manage to pull one off that doesn’t leave people saying “What a stupid ending.” then that’s an accomplishment worth mentioning. Although there was one thing I would of removed from the ending, but I’m not going to say what it was so I don’t ruin it for others. I guess you’ll have to watch and decide for yourselves.
Best Line: “He only dines on my vegetables you vegan, zombie slut!”
Best Weapon: Machete

First Zombie appears – 54 mins 48 secs
First Bite – 60 mins 1 sec
Zombie Bite Count – 3
First Zombie Kill – 55 mins 12 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 7