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Entertaining and pretty good, despite the low budget

Posted May 30, 2011 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Bong of the DeadWe have had an eye on Bong of the Dead for a while now, our first encounter of it was at the Vancouver Zombie Walk 2010.
While waiting for the walk to begin I was snapping some pictures of a couple of young zombies, behind me I heard the faint sound of electric guitars. I tuned around a saw the three scariest looking zombies marching towards me, complete with a ghetto blaster and banner which read “Bong of the Dead”. Now if the people hadn’t of known this was an organized event they would truly thought the dead had risen, instead of running away they ran towards them, camera’s clicking while trying to get one of the t-shirts that were being given way.

Bong of the Dead was only just completed last month, and this event happened over a year ago which goes to show how good Bong of the Dead’s creator Thomas Newman is at long term planning and sticking with things until they are done.

Thomas Newman has worked in film since 1997, starting off in special makeup effects and model making working on such shows as The X-Files, Lake Placid and The Fantastic Four-Rise of the Silver Surfer. Then one day he decided to make a movie of his own, a zombie movie. Knowing he was going to be on a tight budget of $5000 CAD he wrote and planned it to work, pulling in favors from friends in the industry and doing most of the work himself. You can read more about this in our interview with him HERE >> Thomas Newman Interview

Now on to the film review….
A budget zombie movie? Well we have seen it work before with Colin, and we have seen it fail before with Platoon of the Dead, amongst many, many others..
So how did Thomas Newman do spending his savings of $5000 on making Bong of the Dead? Well we were impressed, and many of our regular readers will know that’s not easy to do. Some say we are a little harsh, we like to think honest.Bong of the Dead is aimed at Zombie fans and Weed Fans, if you are into both then it’s a win win.

The story follows Edwin and Tommy, two stoner buddies just trying to grow and smoke their own weed in a world that’s now filled with zombies. They discover that if you grind up zombie brains it makes a great fertilizer that helps you grow extra potent pot in record time. After smoking the last of their supply they head off on a road trip to the “Danger Zone” to start the zombie brain harvest, so they can start the mother of all pot harvests. The plan goes wrong pretty much right away when they get captured by Alex. A talking zombie with a plan to organize an army of the undead and take over the world. They escape and then meet up with Leah Kroaker, a very sexy lone survivor. She slowly starts to like them, they smoke some pot and then she loves them. At this point in the film the zombie killing starts…..

This film is really well made, shot in 15 days with a crew of a few Thomas Newman did an amazing job. The acting is really good for a budget movie, and the effects are great also. If stoner jokes aren’t your thing don’t worry, there is plenty more to the film than that. We like the story even though Bong humor isn’t really our thing.

I’m sure that Bong of the Dead is going to be a huge success, if you liked Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland you should definitely give it a go. Kudos to Thomas Newman, using his own money and single handedly spending two years doing all the post production without giving up. Watch this movie and then imagine what this guy could do with a budget and crew.

Best Line: “Unless your ginger, no gingers allowed”

Best Weapon: Pimped out Edge Trimmer

First Zombie appears – Some where between 3 mins 54 secs & 8 mins 08 Secs
First Bite – 8 mins 38 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 3
First Zombie Kill – 26 mins
Zombie Kill Count – 36 +