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Great film on nearly no budget

Posted August 10, 2010 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

ColinAs I sat down to watch “Colin” I had a sense of dread, the last four independent budget films I had watch had been in the “why I am I doing this” terrible category. How could this one be any better? It was reportedly made for £45 or US$73 (which I find very hard to believe)

So with a large cup of coffee to keep me going I pressed play and it began….and it was good!

Yes it looked cheap, but more for the camera it was shot on then anything else, a steady cam would of made a huge difference, there were times a had to close my eye so I didn’t get motion sick. Both the sound track and sound effects were extremely good for such a low budget movie.

What really made it stand out was this Zombie film was unique. The story is told from the perspective of Colin, who starts of human and turns into a Zombie. We follow him as he makes his way across a suburb, following echos of his past life as a human. We see him learn to eat, kill, and interact with other zombies as well as survive being killed by humans who are trying not to be killed by zombies.
The story is on the whole well placed, and ties up neatly. You may even find yourself relating to and caring for Colin.

How did Marc Price achieve this film on a budget of £45/US$73. Well he shot the film in the evenings and weekends in his flat and in the neighbor around his flat on an old tape DV-Cam and did his own editing. The actors worked for free, as did everyone else, Marc Price you must be one hell of a charmer.

Colin is a great movie and I can’t help feeling that it will get remade one day with a big Hollywood budget.

Marc’s next film Thunderchild has a much bigger budget. Thunderchild is a war/horror horror film which revolves around a group of British airmen returning from a WWII bombing mission who have to cope with a new enemy when they encounter a flesh-eating creature on board their plane.

Best Line: It’s ok, they are slow”

Best Weapon: Catapult with razor blade-ified money

First Zombie appears – 4 mins 47 secs
First Bite – 5 min 26 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 15 +
First Zombie Kill – 6 mins 59 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 17 +