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Cowboy zombies look pretty good


Poor casting

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Cowboys and ZombiesThis movie was released as The Dead and the Damned, and then for seemingly no reason had it’s title changed to Cowboys & Zombies. Wait a minute that title is like the summer blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens! Coincidence?

The name is really about as close as it gets to being a blockbuster.

The story takes place in 1849, the time of the Californian gold rush. Some miners find a giant meteorite and drag it back to Jamestown. While the whole town is gathered around it they do the sensible thing and crack it open by smacking it as hard as they can. It breaks open and releases deadly spoors that turn them all into zombies.

This all sounds ok doesn’t it? Not that original for sure, but come on this is a zombie movie. Before any of this happens we meet Mortimer. Mortimer is a tough, unforgiving, gun slinging bounty hunter. He hunts deadly Indians for the bounty and treats women like any true Cowboy would do.
Again this sounds pretty good…but there is one huge problem, it’s Mortimer’s voice! He sounds like Micheal Jackson who has been gulping massive amounts of helium. His voice was so high pitched it should alone been enough to send the zombies away with their heads bursting.

The movie itself is not the worst one I’ve seen. There is more to the story than what I have said and the Cowboy Zombies look pretty good. We had a laugh watching it, maybe not for the right reasons, but it was still fun. I you want to watch a good cowboy zombie movie skip this one and watch Undead or Alive.

First Zombie appears – 30 mins 50 Secs
First Bite – 31 min 00 secs
First Zombie Kill – 39 min 09 secs