Eaters: Rise of the Dead

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Posted October 10, 2011 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Eaters: Rise of the DeadAn Italian Neo-Nazi midget, naked zombies, the undead talking? What the hell is this?
Its the Italian film Eaters: Rise of the Dead directed by Luca Boni & Marco Ristori starring Alex Lucchesi as the fearless tough guy Igor, and Guglielmo Favilla as the kind level headed Alen.

Pretty much the standard premise as any other zombie movie. The world is in chaos due to a virus which causes the dead to come back to life and anyone bitten by the infected become blood thirsty murderous cannibals. Igor & Alen serve as hunters to a scientist named Gyno (Claudio Marmugi) and yes his name is Gyno. Igor and Alen bring back specimens for the scientist to experiment on to try to find out the cause of why the dead are reanimating. I saw the trailer a few months ago and was seriously anticipating a great foreign film.

I even went as far as to pre-order it and boy was I excited to see it in my mailbox a month later. I sat down ready and waiting to watch a phenomenal zombie flick. All I have to say is I’m still waiting. The story went completely off track at times. I don’t want to spoil it for you guys but where do they get a Neo-Nazi pedophile midget from? What does that have to do with zombies & the end of the world? Aside from that it also had the same old cliche bad cop good cop. Igor always wanting to kill everything in site and Alen who has sympathy for everyone. The few things it had going for it was the effects and the zombies. I really liked the gun shots, explosions, and blood splatters. A bit to much CGI but other than that it was really vibrant & fun. Acting wasn’t too bad either. The zombies were a bit exaggerated but I think it meshed fairly good with the film overall. To sum it up the story was”meh” but at least it was fun and entertaining to watch.

Its not Oscar-worthy but it’s Zombie-worthy.