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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Edges of DarknessThis movie jumped out to an outstanding start. In the first 2 minutes there were bites, kills, bludgeoning, and an attractive girl with a shotgun. It had everything going for it. Unfortunately for me and the film this was the best part of the movie.

Edges of Darkness follows three separate story lines all taking place doing a zombie apocalypse. The stories happen simultaneously and each one is more confusing than the last. In one you have a married couple that obviously shouldn’t be married. The husband spends all his time writing stories on his computer will the wife nags about how he spends all his time writing stories on his computer. And it’s as exciting as it sounds.

The next story is about a warrior woman hell bent on surviving. She runs into a mother and her child and ends up saving their lives. This story involves a number of dead priests and the anti-christ. And it’s even weirder than it sounds.

The last story is about a cannibalistic couple that are obsessed with drinking human blood. Too bad living humans are getting harder to come by. When they start harvesting the blood of their latest catch in an ironic twist the blood starts poisoning them instead of nourishing them. Unfortunately for the irony they never actually explain why this is happening. And yes it’s as exciting and weird as it sounds.

I’m probably spoiling parts of the film for people reading this review, but since I would never recommend this film even to the most hardcore of zombie fans. I think I’m doing yourself a favour by doing whatever it takes to deter you from watching “Edges of Darkness”. It’s a bad film in which nothing remotely exciting happens. Which is kind of a feat in itself for a zombie film.
Best Line: “Thats awesome! Do you cook?”
Best Weapon: A big book

First Zombie appears – 53 sec
First Bite – 1 min 42 sec
Zombie Bite Count – 4
First Zombie Kill – No proof of any kills
Zombie Kill Count – 10
Priests Killed – 4