Flesh Eater aka Zombie Nosh (1988)

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Good fun - to make fun of


slow pacing

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Flesh EaterAh the good old days of film making. When you would spend 5 minutes watching a guy pull a stump out of the ground with his tractor followed by 5 minutes of him digging at something in the ground before he finally discovers something relevant to the film. I swear if they trimmed this film down today it’d be like 30 minutes.

“FleshEater” revolves around a group of young college students who go to the middle of the forest to camp and party on Halloween. After a local farmer stumbles across a coffin and awakens a flesh eating zombie, the zombie gets loose and starts biting everyone in sight. Fairly soon there is a whole army of zombies and most of the college students have been eaten or turned into zombies. The zombie that gets awakened is played by S. William Hinzman aka Bill Hinzman, who also wrote and directed this movie. Now the hardcore zombie fans out there might recognize him, Hinzman played the cemetery zombie in the original Night of the Living Dead, you know the one right at the beginning. Apparently this built him a huge fan base, so much so that it convinced him to make Flesh Eater.

This movie was a lot of fun to make fun of. One it was the eighties and looked as such, two the acting was what you’d expect from an eighties horror film, three the extended scenes of tractor driving, digging, showering (actually I didn’t mind the extended showering so much). So we had fun watching it and it wasn’t the worst zombie movie ever, but it wasn’t anything special either. Pretty much what you’d expect from the title and the fact that it was done in the eighties. Id’ only recommend watching it if you have a buddy to bounce jokes off of.

First Zombie appears – 8 mins 46 secs
First Bite – 8 min 52 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 19
First Zombie Kill – 32 min 18 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 24