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Lots of entertaining bits


fairly weak story

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Hide and CreepRed neck zombies. Alright something I actually haven’t seen, but… wait a second is that guy naked? Please pass the eye bleach.

Hide and Creep is the story of a small town over run by zombies. You start off with the local video store clerk (a zombie movie guru), then you got our naked friend (a man recently abducted aliens. Have eye bleach handy), you’ve a trusty band of gun toting red necks, the town reverend, and the police station’s secretary (who’s in charge due to the sheriff’s vacation and the deputy waking up in a different state).

It may sound like a lot of side stories but each one is surprisingly interesting and funny in it’s own way. The acting isn’t great, but compared to the film we watched before this it’s Oscar worthy. The plot is kind of all over the place, there was no real explanation to the whole alien abduction thing, and the ending kind of sucks. But throughout the film I was laughing. It seems like they were able to have fun with the fact they’re a cheesy zombie film and ran with it. Kudos for accepting your fate and using it to your advantage. So if you’re looking for a fun, silly zombie film that you don’t have to pay to much attention to, I can recommend this film. Just don’t go in expecting for much of a story.
Best Line: “People would always say there go Ned and Ted. Hey Ned and Ted. Now what are they supposed to say? Hey Ted. That’s just stupid!”
Best Weapon: VCR

First Zombie appears – 8 mins 48 secs
First Bite – 22 min 19 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 4
First Zombie Kill – 33 min 07 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 17+