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awful dubbing, loads of stock footage

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Island of the Living DeadAt the end of his life Bruno Matteis last 2 movies were zombie movies, Zombies: The Beginning in 2007 and Island of the Living Dead in 2008. Both these movies were made under the alias Vincent Dawn along with many other zombie and cannibal movies.

In Island of the Living dead a group of treasure hunters are at sea searching for treasure when they get lost in a sudden and thick fog bank. When the fog clears in the next day it reveals a strange looking island. They of course decide to investigate and no sooner do they set foot on the island the undead begin to appear. They do what good explorers do and find tunnels that lead to crypts that have treasures in them, oh and also maybe the gates to hell.

What do you do when faced with the choice of gold and zombies? Well in b-movie land you draw as much attention to yourselves as you can by arguing at the top of your voices before splitting up into small groups and running of to die.

Dawn err I mean Matteis isn’t known for his complex stories, or even simple stories. He just makes cheap movies, and that’s exactly what you get with Island of the Living Dead. Matteis loves to pinch things from other movies from simple ideas to complete lines. My favorite spot that movie similarity in this one was a scene when a lady gets her eye pierced very much like in Zombi.

At 90 minutes long this for me was a tough movie to sit through, the horrible dubbing did not help and I wonder how short this movie would of been if you removed all the stock footage that Mattei was so fond of using. This was not one of his best but at least he did what he enjoyed up until the end.

Best Line: “Go ahead ass wipe. Help yourslf!”

First Zombie appears – 3 mins 54 secs
First Bite – 4 min 40 secs
First Zombie Kill – 4 min 31 secs