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Mantan Moreland's timing and great delivery stands out


Some politically incorrect humor

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King of the Zombies‘King of the Zombies’ could be the first Zomedy ever made. Yes ,I know that’s a bold statement but seeing it was made in 1941 and had absolutely no horror in it, the only thing left are the laughs.
Mantan Moreland is most definitely the star of this movie, delivering the best lines and stealing the limelight away from the other actors with his perfect comedic timing.
Be forewarned, there is a lot of politically incorrect humour in this movie (remember 1941) so you may be offended, or you may find yourself watching only to see how much times have changed.

Set in the Caribbean shortly before the U.S. was drawn into WWII, ‘King of the Zombies’ is the story of an American Special Agent who, along with his butler (Mant Moreland) and his pilot, are sent on a mission to find a missing American Admiral whose plane crashed on an island. Coincidentally, our Heros’ plane crashes on an island as well, right in the middle of a graveyard – a graveyard that seems far too big for a small
island. They happen across a creepy old house owned by a sinister German doctor and his strange wife. The doctor explains that his spouse is in a mysterious trance and he is trying to find a cure. The butler soon discovers that she is not the only one: the island is full of zombies. These aren’t your typical zombies, running around eating people, or even the walking around biting people type. In this movie the zombies just kind of stare at you.
The butler tries to tell everyone about the zombies but no one believes him until he and the pilot become zombies and the Special Agent is the only one left to solve the mystery.

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Best Line: (Squeezing between two Zombies) Move over boys, I’m one of the gang now.

First Zombie appears – 14 mins 41 secs

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