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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Land of the DeadGeorge Romero, the father of zombie films, returns after a 20 year absence to make his fourth “of the Dead” film. I’d say it was worth the wait.

In the future zombies have overrun humanity. The only known last outpost is a giant towering building, known as Fiddler’s Green, occupied by the wealthiest high society survivors. Surrounding this building are slums of oppressed working class people. Among this working class there are a group of soldiers that go out at night in the most bad ass zombie killing vehicle, Dead Reckoning. On these recon missions they pick up supplies for the whole colony. Cholo, the second in command, decides he’s going to cut a deal to get into Fiddler’s Green but it doesn’t work out the way he had planned. After that happens Cholo will stop at nothing to get into Fiddler’s Green and puts himself, the crew and the entire colony at risk to do so.

“Land of the Dead” is a scary, fun film that makes you think about the social aspects of what might happen in an apocalyptic world, and the line between the rich and the poor. The film was well acted, and well written. It was interesting to see Romero choose an African American to play the lead zombie role who rallies all the other zombies together to organize a strike on Fiddler’s Green. Romero of course choose an African American to play the lead hero in his first film “Night of the Living Dead”. Which many saw as ground breaking for the time, but Romero has insisted that the actor, Duane Jones, “simply gave the best audition”. One thing I didn’t like about “Land of the Dead” was the characters were a bit over the top and difficult to relate to. Which made the film difficult to get into. But that at least made them interesting. And still it’s better than the majority of zombie films out there.

Best Line: “What the hell happened here?”
“Someone shot the little fat man”

Best Weapon: Dead Reckoning

First Zombie appears – 2 mins 29 secs
First Bite – 14 min 04 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 40+
First Zombie Kill – 4 min 27 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 91+