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poor acting, poor effects and no biting

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

LifeforceThis was one of those movies that make you go are they zombies, are they vampires, or what. Two things are for sure there are zombie-like creatures in this film and a great pair of breasts that you get to see A LOT.

Lifeforce is about a team of astronauts that go on a mission investigating Halley’s Comet but discover a mysterious spacecraft on the comet. In the spacecraft there’s a race of giant bat-like creatures, as well as three unconscious humans. The crew brings the humans onto their ship and then one by one the crew starts dropping like flies. Each one of them being drained of their energy. To the point of being nothing but a wrinkly skeletal corpse by the end. This is where the zombie-like creatures come in.

So this is the deal. The three humans aren’t really humans, they’re vampires and when they drain someone of their lifeforce that person becomes a zombie. But they don’t bite or die from a shot to the head. They just walk and talk like zombies. “Ugggh.” talk, not that ridiculous full speech zombie talk. Instead of biting they can drain the life of someone else which gives them a short time at going back to their human form. Half of the movie they refer to the individuals turning people into zombies as vampires, so it creates a bit of a grey area. All that aside the movie is mediocre at best. It’s kind of a interesting idea, but the script and acting was terrible, not to mention the effects. Actually my favourite moment was after killing one of the vampires it transforms into it’s bat form, and the lead actor does an inexplicable over the top reaction that only has a place in an interpretive dance performance. If you want a good laugh at a corny film, that also has Patrick Stewart bleeding out of his face at one point, and don’t mind the corny acting and grey area zombies then you’ll find that hear. And a the very least you get a whole lot of nudity.
Best Line: “Don’t worry. A naked girl is not going to get out of this complex”

Best Weapon: Sword of the olden days…