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80s cheese


80s cheese, it's a double-edged sword

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Night of the CometHere we go with another zombie movie from the 80’s featuring big hair, silly fashion and electronic music.

Out of nowhere a comet appears, it’s ok though it’s not going to hit the earth, just fly on by. That’s great news because it means we won’t all die and the whole worlds can throw a big street party and watch this amazing event. Sounds like a great idea doesn’t it, well that is until it turns everyone to dust….

Well not everyone, that would make for a very short movie, there are a few survivors. It turns out that if you were hanging out in rooms that are partially protected by a steel enclosure you’re ok.

This is what happened to bickering teenage sisters Reggie and Samantha, while everyone else was drinking beer and dancing in the streets they were, well hanging out in rooms that are partially protected by a steel enclosure! The next morning they find a world in which most people are dead, and the ones that aren’t are mostly of the zombie variety. This film does have a story/script and the characters do have some depth to them but there are not very many zombies in it.

Is it worth watching? Well not really, not for me, but I know that there will be a lot of you out there saying that I’m wrong and it’s a classic. It is however worth watching for the moment when the youngest of the two girls bad mouths her mean stepmother, this results in a hilarious moment in which the stepmother slaps her, she slaps her back only to receive a right hook to the lip that sends the young girl flying across the room.

Best Line: “Don’t I even get an egg McMuffin?”

First Zombie appears – 14 mins 49 secs