Night of the Living Dead 3D

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Yet another remake of the classic “Night of the Living Dead”. The hook this time is it’s in eye popping 3D. What better way to fully appreciate zombies getting shot or bashed in the head than having their guts fly out of the screen at you?

This remake loosely follows the plot of the original at the beginning but then takes on a vision of it’s own centering around a farmhouse and the family of hippie drug dealers that dwell within. This family quickly realizes the world of trouble that’s in store for them as the zombie hordes close in on them.

This was a mediocre zombie movie. Some good zombie moments, not bad plot (but it WAS following the original a bit), terrible acting. All this is made better or worse by having it in 3D. My personal opinion on the matter is that 3D is annoying, distracting, and takes the viewer out of the movie. So for me this pushed a mediocre film into a bad film. For Zombie Steven this added to the experience and made a mediocre film into a decent film. So I guess it’s all subjective. 3Dness aside the film is pretty much what you would expect. So if you think it’s something you’d like then you’d probably like it and if you think it’s something you won’t like then you probably won’t. It really is that simple.
Best Line: “When the dead walk you have to call the cops!”

Best Weapon: Knife sharpener

First Zombie appears – 6 mins 34 secs
First Bite – 6 min 41 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 4 +
First Zombie Kill – 29 min 19 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 12+