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Nazi zombies, great effects and production on a small budget

Posted June 7, 2010 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

IOutpostf this movie were a book I’d read it, if it were a game I’d play it. Let me just say, Nazi zombies. Yes, NAZI ZOMBIES!!!

Described as “Platoon meets The Sixth Sense”, this movie follows the basic structure of a zombie film . The stage is set, we are in a war-ravaged, bleak area of eastern Europe. The somber mood is emphasized by the genius cinematography and lighting. So good I get chills. We meet the main characters, a rag-tag culturally diverse group of mercenaries. These soldiers of fortune are commencing their next job, protecting a sort of bland businessman/scientist as he travels into no-man’s land searching for who-knows-what. What’s meant to be a simple get-in-and-get-out kinda job turns horribly wrong when the Nazi Zombies show up and start attacking.

They don’t bite but they sure as hell kill and are seemingly much harder to kill than traditional zombies(the film’s tag line is You can’t kill what’s already dead). The violence and death is gruesome, gory and terrifying. Although there are no traditional zombies there is no lack of horror. There are numerous head shots to the zombies and lots of bullets flying, one especially clear head shot that seemingly has no effect on the receiving Nazi. Yes, time to shake in your booties. For once I’d rather have the wolf-man chasing me. I won’t ruin the plot of the fantastical history and “science” behind the Nazi zombies other than to say, if you watch this movie you will get all the answers you are looking for. Unlike so many unsatisfying horror flicks this one will not leave you malcontent with the mystery of “where” and “how” unresolved.

The acting in this film is genuine but not fantastic. It’s well cast but many of the actors could easily be inter-changed with other, more well known action heroes. The makeup, effects and costumes are pretty cool despite a small falter late in the film with some poorly done “electrical” effects. This movie is a great horror film made on a tiny budget of £200,000. The subject matter has been well-played by the writer and director and I was thrilled to hear that there is/has been a sequel in the works, “Outpost II: Black Sun”. Although an IMDB search reveals nothing I’ve still got my rotten fingers crossed that it’s true!

Best Line: MacKay speaks his last words of “You’re hummin’ my balls!”, and is killed.
Best Weapon: Heckler & Koch G363 5.56mm assault rifle(although it does no one any good)

First Zombie appears – 21 mins 30 secs
First Bite – no bites, lots of stabbing
Zombie Bite Count – 0
First Zombie Kill – none, apparently Nazi Zombies can’t really die (not even from head shots)
Zombie Kill Count – 0
Immortal Nazi Zombies