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Worth a watch; adequate directing, acting, effects.


not as good as the first movie

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Pet SemataryPet Sematary II is not as good as its predecessor Pet Sematary, yep I said it. Who would of thought,
a sequel that doesn’t hold up, and from what I’ve heard Stephen King wasn’t that impressed either and refused to have his name anywhere near this film.

That said it wasn’t that bad, it had Edward Furlong in it, doing that staring thing he does
and Clancy Brown ( the bad guy in Highlander…”Who wants to live forever?”).
Pet Sematary II is more of a gore horror than the “Creepy, Creepy, BOO” of Pet Sematary.
It has the same number of Zombies as the first one as well, 3 human types and 1 dog instead of a cat.

The story starts with a woman walking down some stairs, creepy music, she knees down and a hand comes out of the ground, ”Cut” oh they trick us we are on a film set, “Sigh, cheese anyone?”
Take two, same thing again, but this time the actress get electrocuted and dies right front of her teenage son (Edward Furlong).

He then moves to a small town with his Dad (Anthony Edwards) Joins a New school, gets bullied, befriends a loser (Jason McGuire), all very stereotypical. The ‘losers’ sheriff stepfather (Clancy Brown, Who wants to live forever?) shoots the boys dog, which in turn they take to the Pet Sematary…. and over the barrier to the ancient Indian burial ground which is rumoured to revive the dead.
It of course works, the dog then goes about causing trouble , eating kittens, killing the stepfather etc.
The boys then repeated the whole bury your own process on the stepfather, he comes back and seems nicer than before…. until he starts killing people, but by then they have already buried the mother.

The director Mary Lambert (who also directed Pet Sematary) did not quite pull it off, it was ok. As was the acting , the story and the effects.
Even though Pet Sematary II is not as good as its predecessor it’s still worth a watch, but if you have seen neither watch the first one.
Best Line: nothing stood out…
Best Weapon: Fire

First Zombie
First Zombie appears – 52 mins
First Bite – 1 hour 31 min 15 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 1
First Zombie Kill – min secs
Zombie Kill Count – 3