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Good movie version of the Stephen King novel


Not a lot of zombies

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Pet SemataryI’ve always enjoyed reading Stephen King books, the films adaptations have always been hit or miss. Pet Sematary was a hit, a big long scared the pants of me as a kid hit..
So I decided to sit down and watch it again through grown up eyes….and 1 hour 42 minutes and 44 seconds I was again pant-less…
When you break it down its lots of small things, we are cleverly bombarded with disturbing images which gradually get worse.

The film starts with a creepy title sequence, grave stones, children singing it that spooky way only children can. Then it’s all smiles as the Creed family, Louis (Dad) and Rachel (Mum) with their children Ellie and Gage, pull into the driveway of their new home. Ellie runs down the garden to play on a swing, the swing breaks and Mum and Dad run down to help her.
This is where we get are first hint at trouble, Gage starts heading towards the road to wave at the passing trucks, Dad starts to run to stop him and Gage is saved at the last moment by the new neighbour Jud Crandall.

After thank you and introductions he warns them about the road. Ellie asks about the path at the bottom of the garden, they learn it goes to the Pet Sematary.
The next day Jud takes the Creeds down the path to the Pet Sematary, Ellie is fascinated but Rachel starts acting strange.

Scary bit number 2 coming right up…
A new house in a new town mean a new job for Louis. His first day on the job at the local college is a hell of a one. A young man called Victor Pascow is brought in, he is all messed up, brains hanging out because of a disagreement with a semi out in front of the school. He dies before Louis can do anything…and then Pascow sits up and warns Louis not to cross the barrier between the pet cemetery and the Indian burial ground – the ground beyond has soured.

Scary bit number 3, 4, 5…
The family go away for Thanks Giving living Louis behind and Ellie’s cat Church gets run over on that damn road. Ignoring Pascow Louis and Jud take the cat up to the ancient burial ground….and yes you guessed it buries Church.
Church comes back, but is not the same cat that he was before being hit by a truck, buried in the ground and coming back to life.
From this point on the film just get creepier and creepier. We have Gage getting hit by a truck, which is so well done its truly upsetting, a fight breaks out at Gages funeral, his coffin get knocked over and we see his little arm flopping around.
Jud tells Louis about a person whole was buried up at the ancient ground and not not do even think about it. Gage getting dug up and cuddled, a ghost helping people, flashbacks to a skinny, bony back crippled sister of Rachel (the most scary part of the for me) and gage coming back as a Zombie and cutting people up before being killed by his dad in a sad and emotional scene….

Its not the most zombie heavy film, well only the three, four if you count the cat, but its very well made and holds up to the test of time well.
If your a Horror, Stephen King or Zombie fan you really should see it…
Best Line: “Each you must bury their own”
Best Weapon: only one weapon, a needle full of something doctors have that kill things..

First Zombie appears – mins
First Bite – 1 hour 21 mins 2 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 2
First Zombie Kill – 1 hour 35 mins 25 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 1+