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Not as effective as [REC] without the 'shaky-cam'

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Quarantine 2 TerminalIt all started with [REC] the Spanish film that the movie Quarantine was based on, and when I say based on I mean remade. Both movies did fairly well in the box office, zombiesdrule gave them both a 3/5 (Good). Then came [REC] 2 made again by the Spanish it expanded on the [REC] storyline picking up right where the first one left off, still set in the same apartment building. Again it did fairly well in the box office and again zombiesdrule gave it 3/5 (Good).

So when we saw the trailer to Quarantine 2 we were surprised to see an airplane, “hmmm” we thought “This seems different to [REC] 2”.
Watching Quarantine 2 confirmed that it was infact very different to [REC] 2. Instead of remaking [REC] 2 they made a standalone movie which follows after Quarantine but focus more on the virus escaping and infecting a new group of people. This of course means if you have only seen the the Quarantine movies you are left in the dark about the “creature” in the attic.

One thing that really stood out for me is that this movie was not filmed with the first person “Shaky-Cam” style. I’m guessing it’s because it would of been harder to explain and tell the story in this way, but the first person view is what made Quarantine and [REC] so scary, it pulled you into the story making things seem a little more real.
The acting ranged from being good to plain bad, for a straight to DVD movie everything else, including the effects was OK.

So what’s it about? Here is the story in a nut shell.

The flight crew helps a group of passages onto a small plane.
One passenger has smuggled lab rats with a deadly virus on board, how did he get them on board? He said they were hamsters!
A big guy helps to stow the rodents into an overhead locker and gets bitten on the hand.
All hell breaks loose during the flight, people getting bitten, infection everywhere.
The plane lands and the passengers and crew are Quarantined in the terminal, they try to escape before they all become infected.

Everything about Quarantine 2: Terminal was OK and I know I shouldn’t compare because they are two different stories, but I think the Spanish got it right with [REC] 2.

Best line: “Some kind of f*cked up rabies? People Rabies!”

Best Weapon: The blunt end of a luggage rack.

First Zombie appears – 21 mins
First Bite – 21 min 02 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 5
First Zombie Kill – 48 min 50 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 9+