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Scary, although not quite as much as REC


More polished feel weakens the documentary aspect.

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

QuarantineYesterday we reviewed a film called REC, today we are reviewing the same film but this time it’s called Quarantine.

Quarantine is so close to REC it’s hard to write anything different, as we said in the REC review it’s the Spanish film that the movie “Quarantine” was based on.It looks like they used the exact same set, or the same set designs, exact same dialogue pretty much, exact same creepy zombie creatures. In fact the only discernible differences between the two films were the fact that “Quarantine” looked higher film quality and in one the actors speak Spanish and English in the other.

So how did this happen? REC was first shown in Spain and was highly acclaimed. It then spread like a zombie plague through most of the Western world, “turning” people into fans and gaining a cult following. My guess is someone in Hollywood was on holiday, saw the film, loved it, made some phone calls, bought the rights and made Quarantine. Well it probably wasn’t like that, but this is showbiz and we can make things up.

So whats Quarantine about, well I will quote the REC review again,

“REC” follows a reporter and her cameraman as they record a piece on their local fire-fighters. After following them on what appears to be a routine call they find themselves in for more than they expected when the woman who they are there to help attacks a police officer and bites him. To make matters worse they return to the lobby only to find that the whole building has been quarantined. Not being able to get help to the officer in trouble and not receiving any answers to their increasing number of questions causes frustration to boil over and panic to set in. Will they be able to survive this ordeal and each other?

and how does it compare, well Quarantine seem to have a more polished feel, which for me takes away from the documentary gone wrong feeling. Quarantine did scare me, but it didn’t scared me as much as REC, and for the record I saw Quarantine first so when I saw REC I new what was coming.

To sum up, Quarantine is a good Zombie flick, with realism, scares and tension.
But some tiny little something got lost in translation which gives REC the edge over Quarantine, so watch REC..

Best Weapon: Nothing seemed to work well, so run away…