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Great, intense pacing, good effects.


Low budget (although managed very well)

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

RammbockAmerica you are the originators of zombies, but Europe is definitely showing you a thing or two about how to make a really good zombie movie.Take a look at La Horde (France), REC. (Spain), & now this beauty Rammbock aka Siege of the Dead, coming at you straight from Germany. Rammbock directed by Marvin Kren is a sixty-minute long film about a recently dumped boyfriend Michael (Michael Fruith) who travels to Berlin to try and reconcile with his ex-girlfriend Gabi (Anna Graczyk) only to be interrupted by a zombie outbreak. There is a little twist on the generic idea, “get bit by a zombie, you die, you turn into a zombie” Instead if you get bit by a zombie and stay calm, maybe take some sedatives, you can slow the process and not turn straight away. The virus is activated by adrenaline so if you keep calm you won’t turn as fast.

These guys used their budget well, they kept the entire story to one small location and planned around it. The cinematography was amazing this film was truly a piece of art. The story is simple and very character driven, the casting and acting were perfect, everything truly believable. The visual effects were also damn good, one moment that stood out for us was a women who gets bitten, perfectly executed. The zombie eyes, very creepy.

This film had the perfect formula just enough talking & just enough action there wasn’t a single lackluster moment. I wish the film was longer than 60 minutes, every single moment was intense and I guess we may of lost that if it was longer. This film may not revolutionize the zombie genre the same way Dawn of the Dead did, but I’m sure it will add some influence to it. I would like to write more about this film but I don’t want to spoil it for you, this is a definitely a must watch. All I have to say is wow. Just wow.
Best Line: We can’t get to the loo either.
Fluffies litter is extra absorbent.
And where do we take a shit?
There’s nothing to shit, we have nothing to eat.

Best Weapon: Gravity

First Zombie appears – 4 mins 55 sec
First Bite – 6 min 35 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 2
First Zombie Kill – 45 min 22 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 1