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Fresh, but lives up to the first one; a good sequel.


less believable than the first film.

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

REC 2“Rec 2” still surprising, still terrifying, still Spanish speaking.

The movie picks up right where the first one left off. It follows a SWAT team and a medical expert as they go into the quarantined building to investigate and search for survivors. Simultaneously one of the firemen and the father, who was out getting a prescription for his daughter when the quarantine was issued, manage to sneak in through the sewers to an underground entrance. After being followed by a group of kids they find that their exit has been sealed shut. What will happen when the two parties meet? Who will survive? The answer will probably surprise you.

“Rec 2” does an excellent job living up to the first film. It was successful in keeping things fresh and interesting, as well as being very scary. I was particularly happy that the insanely creepy woman at the end of the first one makes a triumphant return in this one. Creative use of editing makes this film exciting to watch. One unfortunate difference between the first film and the sequel is in the first film there lengthy periods where they would slow things down and do interviews with people and build a bit of character before building up to go all out at the end, but in “Rec 2” it was much less build up and much more scary things popping out at every corner. Too many times did I say to myself “How did they not get bitten?”. It became a bit unbelievable. But even still this was as enjoyable as the first one and would appeal to anyone who enjoyed “Rec” or “Quarantine. But if you tend to scream like a girl at scary movies, I’d watch this by yourself… unless you are a girl.
Best Line: Tough to pick, it was all in Spanish

Best Weapon: Bottle Rocket (Firework)

First Zombie appears – 13 mins 22 secs
First Bite – 13 min 44 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 4
First Zombie Kill – 23 min 46 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 8+