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Hardly any zombies

Posted September 15, 2012 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Resident Evil: AfterlifeI went to see the latest in the Resident Evil series this weekend, Resident Evil: Afterlife in IMAX 3D. I kind of wish I hadn’t.

In Resident Evil: Afterlife, written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, Alice travels to Tokyo after the Umbrella Corporation with the help of the Alice clones. Albert Wesker manages to escape and explodes the Tokyo Umbrella base killing all the Alice clones, Alice is able to sneak up on Wesker who then injects her with a serum that neutralizes the T-virus that gave her super powers making her a normal human again. The helicopter that Wesker & Alice were in crashes killing Wesker, Alice survives and then goes in search for her friends in the quarantined safe zone Arcadia aka the haven.

I got to say after watching the first 3 movies in the franchise my hopes for this film were very low and thank god I wasn’t expecting a revival of the series with this movie because I would have been extremely disappointed.I found watching this movie was like watching a train wreck happen before your very eyes. The Cinematography was horrible , and this goes to how how hard it is to do a 3D movie, you really have to think in 3D and not just shove something into the audiences face every now and again. That said it’s a good thing I watched the film in IMAX 3D it’s the only thing that made watching the movie bearable, oh and the visual effects were pretty good as well.
Speaking of visual effects, it felt like that was the main focus of the movie and the story felt like an after thought. Yeah they featured a lot of the characters from the game but those characters never said anything meaningful just shooting, shooting, explosion, shooting, senseless line, followed by more shooting. I actually wanted the zombies to win. Even with the moans and groans they had more originality . There are also many plot holes in this film. For example when Alice and Wesker crashed in the helicopter some how Alice survived but Wesker died. Didn’t Wesker take Alice’s superpowers away? Even if you look past the plot holes you may find it a little too much like The Matrix. The beginning part of the movie is almost exactly like the elevator scene in The Matrix. At least there were a lot of zombies, however the down side was we only saw one, yes one, zombie attack. You can’t even count the rest of the zombie attacks since they weren’t real zombies. They would open their mouths and some octopus like thing would come out and eat the people. Zombies use their real teeth!
So you may of guessed that this movie wasn’t for me, but it did get number one at the box office. I think if you liked the first three Resident Evil moves then you will like this one, if you didn’t then I wouldn’t waste your money.Resident Evil:Afterlife