Severed: Forest of the Dead

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Good cover art, zombies and forest come through.

Posted December 30, 2010 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Severed: Forest of the DeadI have a feeling this is one of those movies that people are going to watch despite what I say next, and why not?
The cover art is pretty good, with the zombies and forest living up to the title. The trailer looks good as well and the premise of the film has a lot going for it.
Some environmentalists booby trap a tree which causes a woodsman to become infected with a deadly virus and turns him into a flesh eating zombie monster.

When contact is lost with the loggers the president of the company sends his son Tyler (Paul Campbell) to check on the situation.
Tyler arrives to find a zombiefied group of loggers and activists, and a few uninfected survivors.

The film has a little too much shaky cam in it for my liking, shaky cam can be good but it is nice to see what the zombies are up to. While the script itself was ok the actors seemed to trip over their lines a fair bit, pulling me out of the film. Now to the effects and the zombies, the effects were good, the zombies were good, but…..

are they really zombies? We never saw them die and rise back up as the undead, but they do go around biting and eating people and a good blow to the head seems to be the only way to put them down for good.

As I said before, the chances are you will watch this movie no matter what I say so why not let me know what you think…
Best Line: “Police station? What the hell are you going to do, arrest those things?”
Best Weapon: Big Ass Log Cutting Machine

First Zombie appears – 8 mins 34 secs
First Bite – 27 min 36 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 7+
First Zombie Kill – 19 min 27 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 18+