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Summary: Two criminals disrespect the dying wishes of an old Prospector, and must face the horrific consequences for their sinful ways.
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ZombiesDrule Thinks

“The Prospector’s Curse” is a short film set in the gold rush era, about a couple of outcasts who stumble across an old prospector during his final moments in this world. After ignoring his dying wishes and going after his gold the two of them found out there’s more than just gold in them thar hills. Hint hint: it’s zombies.

Although this short was a little difficult to follow it was certainly entertaining. It was well acted and shot and almost succeeded in making it feel like the old west. I say almost because it was shot using a digital camera and could of done with a bit of post production treatment to give it a little bit of that film grain feel.  The zombie scenes were a good mix of scary and comedic, “The Prospector’s Curse” is an excellent effort by first time zombie filmmaker Josh Heisie. If you get the chance definitely try and see this one.


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