The Serpent And The Rainbow



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funny, scary, dramatic and interesting

Posted February 4, 2011 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

The Serpent And The RainbowThis film was surprising in a lot of ways. Surprisingly scary, surprisingly funny, surprisingly good.

The film is based on the book by Wade Davis of the same title, which is based on Davis’ actual experiences. Dennis Alan, an ethnobotanist and anthropologist from Harvard University, is sent into Haiti to investigate a drug that claims to have turned a number of people into zombies. After arriving in Haiti he quickly teams up with Marielle, a doctor studying and helping zombie affected patients. The closer the two get to finding the secret formula to zombification the more danger Alan seems to get himself into, as one evil sorceror looks to stop at nothing to keep the formula from leaving Haiti.

Despite Wade Davis’ displeasure with the final result of this film, “The Serpent and the Rainbow” was a good movie. It was funny, scary, dramatic and most importantly an interesting story. They seem to take advantage of the based on a true story angle and probably bend the truth a bit… or a lot, but the final result is a compelling film that kept me interested. Not your average zombie film, in fact none of the zombies were threatening in anyway, and one was extremely helpful. These zombies were closer to the traditional sense of zombie and were mindless slaves to their master. The scariness comes from the thought of becoming a zombie. Being buried alive, being able to remember and feel everything that happens to you. And then having no soul of your own afterwords. It was creepy. This was a good original film that would be a refreshing dose to someone looking for something different from your average horror film.

Best Lines: “The way Professor Schoonbacher spoke of you it was if you could walk on water. Now I know why, shit floats.”

Best Weapon: Will Power

First Zombie appears – 16 mins 22 secs