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poorly executed....everything

Posted December 4, 2010 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

The Zombie ApocalypseSo we watch a lot of Zombie movies, we have to, that’s the whole point of this website.
Sometimes the films are bad, but because there it always two of us watching we can get through it. We laugh, we cry, but we make it to the end.
This is the first time we quit a movie, that’s right, we turned it off…

Because we were watching it on Netflix i can tell you we got watched 51 minutes of the 91 minutes.

So what did we learn about this film….

There is a script, they had actors and at least one camera.
Whoever did the effects had a blast, very over the top but fun.
With these ingredients they made a Zombie Film, which means they automatically get 0.5 out of 5. Unfortunately everything was poorly executed, so no more points.

So what’s the film about, well this is the synopsis found on the world wide web ….

Two college room-mates get the fright of their lives when they head out to the bar, and come face to face with a shambling army of the undead. All Mark and Tom wanted was a fun night out on the town, but now they’ll be forced to fight if they want to survive until dawn. Thankfully Mark is handy with an axe, and medical student Tom has played enough video games to keep his cool in the chaos. With depressive video store clerk Raven helping to fend off the horde, they may stand a chance of making it through the night without getting devoured – or worse. But who is Miller, and what connection does his missing wife have to these horrible creatures. By the time the weary survivors find out, it may already be too late.

Netflix does give me the option of continuing this film from where I last stopped it, so maybe, just maybe one day I’ll finish it…

Best Line: “I was just cleaning out my Garage”
Best Weapon: The stop button on your remote

First Zombie appears – 2 mins 08 secs
First Bite – 14 min 01 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 4+
First Zombie Kill – 14 min 01 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 4+