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If you liked The Zombie Diaries you will probably like The Zombie Diaries 2


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ZombiesDrule Thinks

I don’t know if I’ve ever yelled more at fictional characters for doing obviously stupid things. Things like “We’ve barricaded all our doors and windows cause there are zombies outside but my daughter is scared of the noises outside so I better go see what it is.” And there you have the first scene in one singular run-on sentence.

Zombie Diaries 2 is the sequel to the film… you guessed it… Zombie Diaries. It follows a group of UK soldiers who the sole survivors a zombie assault on the base they were protecting refugees at. The zombie assault came shortly after they gained word of a sanctuary elsewhere in Europe. Having no where else to go they make their way to the coast searching for the truth behind message.

It probably doesn’t help that I wasn’t a fan of the first Zombie Diaries but  it’s really hard to get into any film when the characters are making you scream at them for being so unbelievably idiotic. I will at least grant the filmmakers the success in making this film a little scarier than the first. But again, it’s hard to be truly scared when you’re just questioning why anyone in their right mind would do that! Acting and FX were a bit better than the first. Basically if you happened to like the first film than you’ll probably be able to see past the second films shortcomings. But if you haven’t seen either I’d search this site for a better way to spend 90 minutes of your time.

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