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good acting, decent script


not many zombie scenes

Posted May 11, 2011 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

The Zombie FarmThe Zombie Farm, now what would you expect when you hear a film with a title like that?
Let’s be honest it sounds like something that will;

  1. Involve harvesting zombies
  2. Take place on a farm.

Neither of these is true. In fact instead what you get is a pretty good film made by the Latino community. Ya, not what I thought when I heard “Zombie Farm” either.

Set in Louisiana a reporter is looking for her big story and comes across a man selling answers, a woman afraid of her abusive husband, and the voodoo witch who changes all their lives forever. These are the cast of characters that make up “Zombie Farm”. Oh and they’re all in the latino community. That’s kind of important. So this reporter sees this dude’s low budget advertisement stating he’s a psychic with all the answers and she decides to do a piece on him and his work. Meanwhile a woman who’s sent to the edge after her husband’s latest attack on her tries to find answers and ends up at the doorstep of a voodoo witch who gives her the means to kill her husband and turn him into a zombie. Soon enough the whole gang is roped into a zombie voodoo situation and the only solution is to stop the witch doctor before she strikes again.

“Zombie Farm” is a good Latino zombie film with good acting and a decent script. The zombie effects were alright but there could of been a few more zombie scenes. All and all this film was pretty good, not great a zombie film, but good. Not a great Latino film, but good, maybe it was targeted towards a Latino audience, , but I am not that audience and I still enjoyed it. Bottom line I’d recommend it to any fan of zombie films. Just don’t expect many farm animals or farm scenes in general.

First Zombie appears – 35 mins 29 secs
First Bite – 1 hr 08 mins 53 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 2
First Zombie Kill – 1 hr 21 mins 12 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 20+