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some time wasted on a pointless subplot

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

Undead or AliveUndead or Alive is probably the first Zombie film I’ve seen set in the wild west. And why not. Was there ever a time were thieves, bandits, gangs, degenerate rogues were so rampant. There’s a reason it was called the “wild” west. Seems like an appropriate place for a zombie cleansing apocalypse. The “wild” west in this film, however, was more like the Three Stooges wild west.

Now I love a good slapstick gag, probably more than most, so this didn’t bother me. In fact it gave me a pretty good indication what kind of zombie film I was settling in for when the first zombie steps on the end of a shovel and whacks himself in the head with it. Ok comedy zombie movie. But something about that over the top silliness took away from the western theme. It’s left me wanting to see a zombie version of “Dead Wood”. That’d be pretty cool.

“Undead or Alive” is a zomedy set in the old west about two cowboys that form an unlikely partnership after busting out of jail together. While on the run from the law, who happen to have turned into zombies with little explanation and still are fully functioning and conscious with even littler explanation, they encounter an Indian girl, hell bent on seeking revenge on the US Army for the injustices served on her people and her uncle Geronimo. Yes thee Geronimo. Together the three of them fight this zombie curse head on, or more appropriately “head off”.

The movie was silly, fun, and there were some pretty good laughs. It kept me entertained. It also lost my interest at certain points. A useless subplot involving the town priest trying to bunker down and wait through this zombie thing kept slowing the movie down. And they must of cut back to it 4 or 5 times. I didn’t know who that priest was and I didn’t care. It would of been better if Chris Kattan’s (Oh ya Chris Kattan is in this movie playing the same screwball he always plays. So if you like Chris Kattan, and a star to the review. If you don’t like Chris Kattan your probably in the same boat as me. If you can’t stand Chris Kattan avoid this movie at all costs and destroy any copy that touches you.) initial love interest, Kate the prostitute, was the one trying to survive. Either with or without the priest. At least she was a character I was somewhat familiar with. But boring subplot aside, the rest of the film was funny. And Brian Posehn gave one of the funniest zombie performances since Billy Connolly in “Fido”. So 10 points for Brian Posehn. Not that he needs them.

Best Line: Zombie falls off the roof of a building and lands face first on the ground. “Errrrrowwwgh.”
Best Weapon: mmmmm BERRY PIE

First Zombie appears – 1 mins 22 secs
First Bite – 2 min 16 secs (Chicken) 3 min 24 secs (Human)
Zombie Bite Count – 15 (+ 1 Chicken)
First Zombie Kill – 44min 15secs
Zombie Kill Count – 4