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Cool fight scenes, lots of zombies


confusing story

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ZombiesDrule Thinks

VersusHalf the time spent watching this movie I found myself saying “Wow that’s a pretty cool fight scene.” The other half of the time I was saying “Ok what just happened?”.

Versus is about a convict who has escaped prison with his cellmate. But when he meets up with the mobsters who helped spring him they end up killing his cellmate who then surprises everyone by coming back to life as a zombie. Then this convict retreats into the woods with the female hostage the mobsters had. All the while he experiences these flashbacks to a former life he seems to have had. At least that’s what I think the movie is about. It was harder to tell at times.

A whole lot of style, not much substance. The action was good and there were plenty of zombies, but when you spend half the movie not knowing what is going on it tends to wear thin. It could of been poor translation or a cultural gap, but I doubt it. The movie feels like someone had a cool idea and just ran with it coming up with solutions as they filmed. If you like cool fight scenes and don’t mind bending confusing plots, this is your film. At least it was kind of funny.

Best Weapon: Swords, lots of them…

First Zombie appears – 26 secs
First Bite – NA
Zombie Bite Count – NA
First Zombie Kill – 26 secs
Zombie Kill Count – 30 +