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pretty bad dialogue and CG effects, plot hard to follow

Posted September 13, 2010 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Virus UndeadWe spent the first 20 minutes of this film trying to figure out what country it was from. Everyone seemed to be slipping in and out of German/Irish/Finnish/Bad Acting accents. Once we had learned it was in fact German we decided that because the actors weren’t speaking their first language it probably added to the illusion of them being bad actors. That being said it’s not a good sign when the person reviewing your film is having to come up with excuses for you.

“Virus” is set in a one horse town somewhere in Germany’s countryside. It’s about the grandson of the town’s local genius who just passed away in a mysterious death. He comes with his two friends to look at his deceased grandpa’s house and sort through things that were left to him. Upon arriving strange things seem to be affecting the crows in town, as they seem to be dying of some disease. All hell breaks loose once the disease mutates and becomes transferable to humans.

Apart from every actor sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the different stages of his career, the plot being sub par and hard to follow, and the CG crows setting the computer animation industry back 20 years, the film was actually not bad. It wasn’t a good zombie film, but it was entertaining enough to keep me somewhat interested. It was shot well and had some pretty cool zombies in it. Which is more than a handful of the films we’ve reviewed can say. If you really like zombie films and don’t mind bad plot and bad acting you will love this film.
If it’s otherwise rent Colin.

Best Weapon: Flame Thrower
Best Line: “You have to send help now!” (in my best Schwarzenegger impression.)

First Zombie appears – 40 min 35 secs
First Bite – 45 min 23 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 3
First Zombie Kill – 49 min
Zombie Kill Count – 11 +
Number of times the “Cool” guy said dude 9