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Not nearly funny

Posted August 8, 2010 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Weekend at Bernie's IIWeekend at Berne’s is a movie about a dead guy, not Zombies….
Well yes that’s right, but this is Weekend at Bernie’s 2. It is still about a dead guy, but this time he is reanimated by a witch doctor who gives Bernie the power to walk via voodoo. This is so he can lead them to the location of the money he embezzled before he died.

Unfortunately it goes wrong and Bernie’s dead body can move when music is played, this leads to a silly dance, wiggle time thing which is probably the only slightly funny thing about this movie.

Weekend at Bernie’s 2 is awful and nowhere near as enjoyable as the original, it still has the same style of physical comedy as the first movie but this time it just feels immature and silly, and even though Bernie’s name is it the title he gets very little screen time, he feels more like a prop than a star.
This movie is just stupid with only two laugh out loud moments, maybe that’s why 2 is in the title?

If you want to watch a zombie comedy then go for Shaun of the Dead, Doghouse or Fido, even if you have seen them 10 times already. Unless you want to watch a man dance the limbo to cheesy Caribbean music and occasionally falling down.
As far a zombie action forget it, yes he is a zombie, but not the kind we at ZombiesDrule like.

Best Line: “Beedy Bip, Beedy Bop, neer der…. almost done”

First Zombie appears – 18 mins 51 secs
First Bite – Never
Zombie Bite Count – 0
First Zombie Kill – Never
Zombie Kill Count – 0
Slow Dancing Zombie